Acoustic Guitars

The Wood

For the top I generally choose Italian red spruce collected in the alps. It's the wood that was used by Stradivari and the other great violin makers of the past, and it's still the best choice for making musical instruments. Its right combination of lightness and stiffness is the key to a well balanced and projecting sound.
The back and the ribs can be made of pretty much any hard wood, one of the most used is mahogany. It gives a powerful and balanced sound to the guitar with a great bass response.

All the woods are customisable like everything else on the instrument. Exotic woods can be used to reach the desired tonal and aesthetic result.

The Varnish

Acoustic instruments need a thin but protective varnish to leave the wood free to vibrate and breathe. This is why I use a light professional lacquer on my instruments. It can be satin, glossy or french polished with shellac to give the instrument a beautiful classical look.


The bracing pattern is one of the most important parts of the guitar. It's where the tone gets shaped and there are many patterns that have been used throughout history.
X-bracing is the most widely used bracing pattern among steel strings acoustic guitars. Other bracing patterns, such as the V-bracing can be made.
Like everything else the braces are shaped by hand taking into consideration all the characteristics of the guitar such as the thickness of the soundboard, the hardness of the wood, the type and the thicknesses of the wood used for the back and the ribs.

Inlays and details

All the details are customisable, the rosette, the headstock inlays, the binding and all the other decorations required by the customer.
It is possible to make custom designed inlays with different woods, pearl or abalone, and other materials.
It is also possible to write the musician's name on the guitar to make it even more personal.

Hardware and Electronics

All the hardware is carefully chosen from the best brands like Gotoh, Schaller, Grover and others.

For the nut and bridge saddle I generally use TUSQ products, unless otherwise specified by the client.

All the different electronics like piezos, pickups and microphones can be mounted on the guitars.

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