Bowed Instruments

The Wood

Only the best cuts are used for making instruments, and all the wood is personally selected by Luca Zerilli right at the sawmill located in the forest where it grows. The red spruce used for the soundboards grows in the Alps and its characteristics make it unique for instrument making.
The maple used comes from the Balkans like the one used by the famous Italian makers of the past.
All the wood used has been naturally air dried for many years.

Acoustic Research

The shapes are inspired by the old Italian instruments made by top makers like Stradivari, Amati ad Guarneri.
All the woods are different, and even two pieces that come from the same tree can sound completely differently. This is why every piece must be shaped differently and wisely. In order to do that old empirical knowledge is combined with modern physics notions to get the best out of every piece of wood.

Certificate of Authenticity and Photo Gallery

A certificate of authenticity issued by Luca Zerilli comes with every instrument, and a gallery with the photos of the building process is attached to it.

The varnish

The oil based varnish is specifically made for bowed instrument and finely tuned by chemists. It retains its beauty over the years and it is the perfect combination between elastic and protective. Its transparency and deepness enhances all the details and the beauty of the wood.
A top coat of shellac is applied to the instruments with the french polishing technique. This is an ancient wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, and it works well as a protection against sweat and scratches.

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