Other Instruments

The instruments

All kinds of string instrument are made at Liuteria Zerilli.
The main purpose of making a custom instrument is to give the customer the tool to express his/her personality through the music, this is why the relationship between the maker and the musician is so valuable.
All the instruments are carefully handmade and everything is thoroughly planned to suit any special need using 3D models if necessary.
The final setup of the instrument is done alongside the musician to reach the perfection needed by all professional musicians.

The wood

All the woods are purchased from selected suppliers and personally chosen by me according to the acoustic and aesthetic qualities required by the musician.
The choice of the wood and of the type of cut are critical to make a performing instrument that lasts for many years.
It is crucial to make sure that all the woods used are perfectly dry and stable before starting to work with them, otherwise they will shrink, expand and move with time and it will be nearly impossible to make the instrument precise.


All the instruments are completely made by hand, this is the only way to reach the highest level of customisation.
The maximum attention is put in every little details because the details are what differ between a commercially made instrument and an artisanal one.

Write me your ideas to start working together to shape them into a unique instrument.

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