Luca Zerilli

Violin Maker

String Instruments

All the instruments are made following the strict quality standards of the ancient Italian violin-making tradition,  that Luca Zerilli acquired under the supervision of Maestro Desiderio Quercetani.

THE WOOD is always personally hand-picked by Luca Zerilli. Only wood that has been air-dried for many years is employed.

THE VARNISH is a custom made and tested one and is of a kind which does not lose its characteristics with the passing of time. All of the instruments are French-polished, to give them the beauty and durability only quality shellac can provide, and to enable them to be easily retouched even after many years.

A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: with the photos of the construction issued by Luca Zerilli follows every instrument that are made.


Every instrument in the Liuteria Zerilli workshop is handmade from scratch in Udine, Italy, in accordance with the musician’s own ideas and wishes. Each and every part of the instrument is completely customizable, in order to suit the needs of the customer: from the choice of the wood and the shape and dimensions of the handcraft instrument, to small details such as inlays and signatures.

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Repairs and Restorations

Liuteria Zerilli accommodates repairs, set-ups and restorations of any kind, and on any kind of classical and modern stringed instrument: from electric guitars and basses to the finest violins.

Each instrument is unique, and must therefore be treated uniquely: all of the instruments are thus individually examined, so that the most suitable and appropriate type of work may be performed on them.

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