The luthier

Luca Zerilli,
an Italian luthier

Welcome to the world of Luca Zerilli, an Italian master luthier who has turned his passion for music into art.

Raised in Udine, Italy, Luca started playing various musical instruments at a young age, dabbling in piano, guitar and double bass.

He studied double bass at the Conservatory of Udine and performed with local musicians across Italy and beyond. But his thirst for knowledge was not limited to music: he earned a degree in Web and Multimedia Technologies from the University of Udine.

Love for music,
love for

Luca’s genuine love for woodworking and music prompted him to pursue the art of luthiery. He studied under the guidance of Master Desiderio Quercetani, undergoing rigorous training and rising as a master in the creation of high quality musical instruments.

Today, as the owner of Liuteria Zerilli, Luca is proud to collaborate with musicians and shops around the world, bringing his art to America, Europe and Asia. His passion for music and his craftsmanship blend together in every instrument he creates, ensuring a beautiful sound and an elegant appearance


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Check out the bowed string instruments of Liuteria Zerilli, browse our catalogue and let yourself be conquered by the craftsmanship that characterizes each of our products.


Authenticity is a fundamental value for us

In order to guarantee our customers the origin and quality of the instruments we produce, each of our products is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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