High quality
varnishes for a
timeless style.

Liuteria Zerilli, where the beauty and sound quality of the instruments are guaranteed by the care and attention dedicated to their varnish. Luca Zerilli is able to create a perfect recipe by carefully blending only the best of varnishes and uses traditional techniques to masterfully apply them, thus obtaining the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance.

A natural beauty,
an eternal sound

Let yourself be captivated by our red and gold shades, which enhance the natural beauty of the wood, giving your instrument a beautiful tone and timeless style.


your next
symphony starts here:

Check out the bowed string instruments of Liuteria Zerilli, browse our catalogue and let yourself be conquered by the craftsmanship that characterizes each of our products.


Authenticity is a fundamental value for us

In order to guarantee our customers the origin and quality of the instruments we produce, each of our products is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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